Well Services

Well Services

Our Well Services offers a range of
technological solutions with well experienced personnels to
ensure client satisfaction in record time whilst meeting all set standards in performing our services.

Workover Fluids and
Oil Field Brine Filtration

A combination of the preservation of the reservoir from damage, contaminants and modern environmental standards or regulations have made oilfield and gas related filtration to be a key factor in exploration and production activities. Plus the fact that clean completion fluid is key to optimizing the productivity of the producing reservoir
PETRONIX LIMITED with its diatomaceous earth (DE) methods of filtration offers a wide range of filtration units and systems in order to achieve client objective of clean completion and work over fluids. We have the variety and luxury of several systems such as the automatic self cleaning vertical pressure leaf (DE) unit and filter press type with the ideal consumable stock such as absolute bound and pleated cartridges not excluding bag filter type and environmental friendly (DE) materials. With a very high degree of respect for our client we adhere to current environmental laws thereby executing projects with precision.

Well Production
and Optimization Services

Using a time tested and trusted approach and methods , we establish the “best demonstrated performance”
for your wells , determine the average rate of performance , and set the target performance improvement goals based on this metric.
Routinely, we have helped our clients improve production volumes, slow down the decline curve and improve safety.

Sand Control

PETRONIX understands that controlling the flow of unconsolidated sand into your well is one of the most critical challenges in any Sand Face completion.
The failure to install properly selected filter devices can impact production immediately and almost certainly during the proposed production life of the well.
We offer a wide variety of Mechanical Sand Control options to meet even the most demanding applications.
As every application and formation provides unique challenges, different products must be available to provide the proper solution.
Petronix's Sand Control Screen includes Metal Mesh, Wire Wrap, Pre Packed, Metal Punch and Thru Tubing technologies.
The life of your well from deployment, production, and even intervention are taken into account during our selection process. our aim is to complete your well with precision.

Coiled Tubing
and Nitrogen Pumping Services

Our coiled tubing and nitrogen pumping units are capable of providing well maintenance and workover applications. From basic sand washing to highly complicated fishing jobs, we utilize our sound engineering staff along with technical expertise of other Superior services, to meet all of our clients well servicing needs. Other services include:
Cleanouts and Scale Removal, Coil Tubing fracturing, Acidizing Gravel Packing, Jetting for production / Zone Evaluation, Drilling / Milling Fishing, Perforating (TCP),Abrasive Perforating and Cutting, Logging Well Deepening.

Cementing Services

Primary cementing is one of the most important operations performed on a well in order to ensure complete zonal isolation and aquifer protection.
Without it, the well may never reach its full production potential, and liquids from one zone could interfere with another.

Wellbore Cleanup

Wellbore debris can cause major problems in completion, so here at Petronix Limited we have an extensive range of wellbore cleanup tools for various kinds of debris removal.
Our tools are amongst the most efficient in the industry and it can reduce intervention time significantly making it possible for production to resume faster than ever

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