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Quality Health Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Policy

A strong commitment to QHSE is embedded into our culture. People joining Petronix Limited are introduced to integrated management systems encompassing all elements of our operations.

Petronix Limited is committed to providing products and Services of the highest quality to its customers, provide a safe & healthy working environment for all its employees by proactively preventing accidents and incidents and also an environmentally conscious and responsible company and is committed to work in compliance with the applicable health, safety and environmental regulation of the country.

We consider that health, safety and respect for environment and safeguarding the assets are essential to the efficient operation of our activities and to our employees, contractors and other stakeholders. we are committed to having a QHSE Management systems in force in recognition of the fact that safe operations depends not only on technically good plants and equipment’s but also on competent personnel and an active QHSE culture.

It is our policy to

  • Maintain safety in Exploration and Production activities and provide safe facilities and equipment that are properly designed, engineered, constructed and operated
  • Comply with all legal requirement, international standards and regulations
  • Monitor the health of all employees on regular basis to ensure they have the physical capability to perform their task.
  • Maintain adequate emergency response procedures and resources to minimize the impact incidents or environmental pollution and test plans for effectiveness
  • Ensure that employees, contractors and stake holders are aware of and trained on our QHSE requirements and abide by them
  • Conduct internal controls and periodic reviews, backed by independent audits to verify that adequate measures have been taken and identify possible areas of improvement.
  • Pursue continuous improvement in the measures taken to protect the Health Safety and Environment of those who may be affected by our activities..
  • Report and analyze all incidents and anomalies in order to improve procedures, behaviors of operators and equipment in the running of our operations.
  • Set up and monitor measurable QHSE performance indicators that are part of our business plans and budget, analyze and report as part of the monthly management scoreboard.
  • Recognize and motivate those who contribute to improved QHSE performance.
  • With the continuous and permanent commitment of everyone, we will achieve these objectives.
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